The Blue Ridge Mountains are beautiful and inspirational, filled with rich history and the origins of American music. It is fitting that we named our company (located in Charlottesville, VA) after them. Blue Ridge Pedalboards is an artisan pedalboard company, crafting boards from old barns scattered along the region.

Current boards come from an old tobacco barn built in the 1930’s with hand-split oak beams. This barn has been sitting vacant for decades, yet still has a pleasant cured-tobacco aroma. Because the wood is oak, the boards are very sturdy, heavy, and build to last. Each board comes with a lifetime guarantee against the wood cracking, and in the event that it ever does (evaluated with common sense), we’ll replace it – no questions asked.

We offer three finishes to our boards.

Natural, un-sanded* with original patina. With a natural finish, you get more of the tobacco smell and true weathering of the barn. *We lightly sand to remove the dirt, but keep the wear and age on the wood.

Natural, sanded. We sand the top-layer off the board to make it very clean and smooth while maintaining it’s age.

Stained in one of our various custom stains. We don’t just grab a standard can of stain and apply. We have created a few different stains that we feel bring out character of the wood best.

Blue Ridge Pedalboard Sizes

We like to make our boards standard PedalTrain sizes due to the number of gig bags and cases available for them. Custom sizes are also available.

Pricing for Blue Ridge Pedalboards

It’s our desire to sit comfortably in the market with mass-produced products. While we feel our boards are incredibly valuable and unique, we want our boards to be accessible to anyone and everyone. To get a starting estimate of your boards cost, find the surface area of your board in inches, and divide by two to get the dollar amount.

For example, a PedalTrain Classic 2 is 24”x12.5” in surface area. That equates to 300sq inches. Divided by two, you get a cost of $150 for a blank board.

Options and Accessories

We regularly install 1/4 jacks on either side of the board, so you can mount your pedals and simply plug into your board itself. We can also mount XLR jacks, power, USB, or anything else we can get our hands on to serve your needs. Options begin at $20/each.

Build time and Shipping

We will begin shipping boards in Q3 of 2017. Build time depends on the work load, but in most cases orders will ship within 4 weeks. Rush projects are available as well.

We do not want you to overpay for shipping. If you’ve dealt with gear (or anything) before, I’m sure you’ve experienced the times you’ve paid $10 to ship something and the postage label says $5. We have no desire to make money off you with shipping costs. We offer a very different approach to shipping, based on our philosophy of Good Will & Honor. In your checkout process, we only collect $5 shipping from you. This is your Good Will & Honor towards us. That cost covers the box and packaging to ensure that we get your board safely to you. When we ship your board, we will invoice you to collect the exact shipping amount. This is our Good Will & Honor towards you.

As often as we can, we recycle packaging from Amazon. When we do this, we will discount the $5 from your shipping costs, since we’d have no packaging costs involved.

How to Buy

Our store will be live soon, as well as a much more robust website. Until then, get on the waiting list with your email.

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